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  • Christmas gift pack

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  • Christmas gift pack & dairy tour

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    A dairy tour is the perfect gift idea!
    With this gift pack you can create a custom present for your loved ones: a piece of delicious Parmigiano Reggiano, a product to pair with cheese or a useful kitchen accessory and obviously a dairy tour to discover all the secrets of the King of cheeses.

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  • Gift pack with balsamic vinegar – Blue box


    1 kg 24 months + 1 kg 30 months + pear balsamic vinegar 250ml + traditional balsamic vinegar 250ml + Organic acacia honey BIO – 500 gr, in jar.

    Parmesan: milk, rennet, salt. Naturally lactose free. Store in a refrigerator.
    Pear balsamic: pear juice 78%, concentrated grape must, pear aroma, wine vinegar, contains sulphites
    Traditional balsamic vinegar: Balsamic vinegar IGP 90%, cooked must, contains sulphites
    Honey: Organic acacia honey BIO

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  • Confezione regalo con grattugia - Scatola blu

    Gift pack with grater – Blue box


    1 kg 30 months + 1 kg 36 months + cheese slicer + 2 models of grater + cheese dish in box

    Ingredients: milk, rennet, salt. Naturally lactose free. Keep in the fridge.

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